Friday, June 26, 2009

What's going on (saw this on 20 sb)

excited about seeing one of my best friends,Rufus, and the whole 'moving to London' thing.
worried about a tooth which needs a filling and the fact that I'm stony fucking broke.
reading Stalling for Time.
creating some new characters and plot elements for a story I'm writing
loving seeing some much-loved friends and family I've missed, and the fact I'm finished with my degree.
hating boredom and the fact that I've been wasting my time recently.
wondering how I will be able to charm the bank into giving me a loan.
craving nicotine...but less so than yesterday.
listening to City of New Orleans Willie Nelson.
watching Just watched That Mitchell and Webb Look and Kingdom on the bbc and utv iplayers.
netflix-ing Once Upon a Time in America.

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