Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photojournalism Nom Nom Style...

The weird new implement bought by Spark for potcleaning.

My little fiery amigo, Mr McIlhenny

Biting cutlery, as you do.

Relaxing post meal with my straight-stem.

Where's my Pulitzer, bitch?

Oh yeah, under my belly...

I'll work it off in the morning.


  1. LOL =D Ah,atleast that isn't your dad's toothbrush you're cleaning the pot with.

    Did I just type that out loud?I'm an evil,evil bitch,eh.

  2. So, since this post (and some previous ones) amuse me so much and I read them repeatedly, I'm passing one of my Sunshine Awards to you. If you wanna see it, check it our on my blog today.

  3. This is objectively hilarious.

  4. i miss ur face something awful.

    how the hell are you?

    we need to make an IM date.

    miss u a bazillion red skittles.

    -spanky (O'Luvsit?)