Saturday, September 25, 2010

So, I'm trying to break into radio...

So, following the train-wreck that is my legal career, I've decided that I want to pursue a career in radio. My parents, and their incessant desire for a 'plan' for my life, have been badgering me more than a pesky badger trying to convince a fisherman to give him his fishin' worms. In other words, very badgery indeed, and rather depressing.

Parents have that great ability to summarise what you do in negative terms. It's a skill that comes with being a teacher and trying to promote constructive criticism. Sometimes though, it's just fucking annoying.

"What's the plan, son?"

"Well, I want to work for a year, maybe try and get a part-time job and try and get some work placements or experience with a radio station before enrolling in a masters next year."

"So, you plan to bum about for a year?"


I won't even tell you what they say when I tell them that I'd love to someday write for a career.

Anyway, I'm trying my bestest, and I'm ploughing my way through work experience applications. The stations that I applied for today are....

BBC Radio
NME Radio
Capital FM
Fun Kids Radio
Heart Radio

...and that's just the London ones.

I also tried Jazz FM and Heat FM but unfortunately they don't take work experience folks. Smooth, non-job-giving bastards.

So, if I'm trying to get a job in radio and I'm not employable with any of these guys, then I might be slightly screwed.

Slightly? Totally.

In the pushing-Marlon-Brandon-up-a-potholed-hill-during-a-mudslide way.

Anybody have any hints or suggestions? Cos Marlon's looking hungry, and I smell of fried chicken...


  1. i think ud be good for radio. miss u xoox

  2. You should start a podcast! It's free, you can do it yourself, and you can have guests and such and maybe it will be a cool portfolio for radio stations to see how awesome you are. WIN WIN WIN! plus if you get popular, you can get businesses to sponsor you for moneyyyyy.

  3. Jen and Jenn, thanks!!

    I was thinking of a podcast, but I'd have to come with an idea for it. Still it's food for thought.

    Cheers guys xxx

  4. Were you involved in college radio? I got sucked into the radio in UCD and LOVED it but never really considered it as a long-term thing, which is probably why I'm still taking the long and winding road to a degree - any degree - just so I can put off thinking about that dreaded Life Plan for a while longer.

    If you weren't involved with college radio you could probably just... pretend ('pretend' sounds so much better than 'lie').

  5. I was indeed madame. I had a show for a year in the states on WLUR (Washington and Lee University Radio) and for my final year with Trinity FM. What was your show about? My one was a comedy news show, because there aren't enough of them eh?

    Here's the old website

    And yes, we Irish bloggers are like unicorns :)