Monday, September 14, 2009

In London

So, I'm in London now. It's really exciting, but rather tiring.

I came over on Saturday (12th) doing the whole 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' dancing-down-the-street thing (except without the racist newspapers) and really loving the crazy buzzing vibe of London. I'm staying with my friend Em as a lodger, up in the Zone 4 Essex wilderness of Woodford. Her landlady is a lovely woman, and the house is really nice and comfortable, so it's a great base from which to launch my flat-finding expedition. Woodford is in the extreme North East of the town, and the area where we're looking for an apartment is on the Jubilee Line, to the North West of there's lots of commuting going on.

Flat hunting isn't a lot of fun. We saw six properties today and only one stood out, but what a flat it was. It's a multi-level two bedroom apartment wedged between W. Hampstead and Kilburn, about 6 minutes walk from the W. Hampstead tube station, and it's perfect. So if you're reading this, then think happy thoughts that tomorrow the lovely guy from the estate agency will tell us that we've got it.

Apart from that, it's going well here. I have a meeting tomorrow with the Firm at lunchtime, so I've been forced to complete one of my 101 Things to Do without much conscience thought. As I can't really walk into the uber-slick corporate law environment looking like a member of ZZ-Top, I've had to shave the beard.

So to conclude:

- Please think happy thoughts for the hella cool apartment later in the week.
- I've completed 1/101 tasks. Huzzah!!!



  1. :-(

    But understandable . . .

    Thinking happy thoughts for you from MT!!!


  2. One of my favourite musicals!

    Next up... My Fair Lady, ja, ja?!

    Good luck, on both counts :) What 'firm'? Not like the John Grisham book I guess?

  3. ahhhhhh apartment hunting is the WORST!!!!!!!!!!! so crappy.
    i hope u find one. fingers crossed!!!
    if u do, take pictures!!!

    and CONGRATS on completing one!!! :)