Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quick post

I'm just after waking up with a beam of sunlight directly in my eyes. Then when, I tried to reach out to stop my mobile from screaming at me, the whole left side of my body was numb from where I'd been lying on it...I thought I was having a fucking stroke or something.

Anyway, I'm for the dentist today to have my first proper filling. NOT looking forward to it, although the dentist is very pretty. That's probably a bad thing though. The last thing I wanna worry about is getting too comfortable on her chair...that would be a classy move.

Also, had the first night of the play last night, playing accompaniment with the band. The theatre's sound guy, who had spent roughly 3/4 of the tech rehearsal and nearly all the dressed rehearsal lecturing us on certain dead-obvious things for the past few days (quote to nervous actor: "make sure you speak into the mike and try not to sound like you're remembering lines.") missed THREE of my cues, so that the organ drone came in late at the very beginning and very end and in one piece my percussion wasn't even heard (yeah, I've somehow been roped into playing keyboard/organ...I'll explain later). The poor guy has his head so far us his own arse he mustn't be able to properly hear the dialogue...

Yeah, this is rambling and incoherent as fuck, but remember the whole 'thought-I-was-having-a-stroke' thing.


  1. Oh no!! I hate when I wake up and my arm is just dead. Can't move it at all!!

    That tech guy reminds me of one of my flag football coaches. He would say "Alright girls, if you just score another touchdown, we can win!", almost like John Madden....haha!!

  2. Oh I hate the dentist! I just think there has to be something wrong with someone who chooses to spend their days playing with drills/needles all horrible things inside someones mouth. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.