Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drunken tomfoolery as an older man

So I'm drunk now. Way to go me, except I've got function of my typing and my imagination.

This may be the shortest post I've ever done. But there's one thing I'd like to put forward. Tomorrow is my 100th post and I am soooo happy. Perhaps it's truth that the best of attempts eventually get left by the wayside, but for one I'd rather waste my time than never have spent the time

Anyway - - - now at a mundane age I ponder. What a loser I am. But I'm actually okay, ao it's fine. I'm now 23.

I can't write anymore, I'm too drunk



  1. hahahahaaaa!!! You are way little-er than me!!!! Happy Birthday you silly boy!!!!


  2. well happy birthday!! I'm a bit tipsy myself cuz I had some wine. Three cheers to you birthday man & happy 100th post!!

  3. You're brave to drunk blog. ;-)

  4. i'm slapping you with a BUI. hope you've learned your lesson and never attempt to not blog under the influence again, sir.

  5. You can't BUI me! I blog BETTER when I'm drunk, as clearly evidenced by...

    *drives blog into a tree*

    Thanks for the wishes folks, really lucky to have a nice bunch who read this


  6. lol this is late but happy late birthday :) although i already said it :) xoxo