Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Late-Night Anecdote About My Mother

Okay, this one is a bit weird. I was watching the Jimmy Carr 'Live in Concert' show on Channel 4 with my mum and dad. Jimmy was up to his usual nonsense of a pile of extremely squeamish-inducing gags.

He was posing a lot of very awkward moral conundrum questions. These, he says, can show how an audience rate in terms of decency. There are no correct answers, but the answers usually raise a laugh.

One of them was, "Would you kill a whale to save two pandas?" and the audience yelled "Yes"

He continued this for a while as my parents and I laughed along. Suddenly something awful happened. Jimmy asked the ultimate question,

"Would you fuck your father to save your mother?"

There was silence...horrible silence in the living room. I chugged my wine with gusto, hoping that I wasn't blushing, and avoided my parents' eyes.

Suddenly my mother turned to me, and in deathly seriousness said, "You'd fucking better"



  1. OMG! OMG! This made me laugh out loud!! Too funny!!

  2. I was watching the same show...

    Bit of a simulcringe moment there, sir!

    My mother didn't say anything like that though, as we've already come to some kind of arrangement for situations of that particular vein.