Thursday, July 23, 2009

ABC's to do with me.

The Novelista Barista asked me in my moany 'Writer's Block' post to fill y'all in with more info about me. Facts and such. Here are some more.

I saw this on Wife of A Wounded Marine's page (she's an AMAZING woman with more balls than your average PGA caddy)

A-Age: 22
B-Birth date: 11th March 1987
C-Chore you hate: Ironing.
D-Dog's name: Bran (my aunt's dog, my old dog Holly died years ago)
E-Enter or Exit: Enter but look for the exit
F-Favorite color: I have a few. Blue and green are high, also can't beat black.
G-Gold or silver: Silver
H-Hair color: Dark Brown
I-Instrument: Drums, Orchestra Percussion, Tin Whistle, Voice
J-Job Title: Trainee Solicitor (that's the official title, still a student really).
K-Kids: 0 (plan on keeping it that way too)
L-Living arrangements: Between houses, organising a flat in London
M-Monkey or Moose: Monkey
N-Nicknames: Con, Conny, Conz, Conker, Conks, Crux
O-Odd thing about you: Upsy Downsy head
P-Pet Peeve: Poor manners, women who apply double standards.
Q-Quote from a movie: "Warriors...come out and plaaaaay-aaaaay"
R-Right/Left Handed: Right for write, left for rest
S-Siblings: 1 sister, 2 broheims
T-Time you wake up? Varies drastically
U-Underwear: yes.
V-Veggie you dislike: Not too fond of baked beans, but I'm sure there're more
W-What makes you run late: Procrastination and double checking
X-X-Rays: Teeth and a few bones - back, head, face and arms/legs a few times (on different occasions)
Y-Yummy food you make: Fajitas fit for el jefe
Z-Zoo Animal: Peregrine Falcon or Turtle


  1. This cool and clever! It reminds me of those poems we used to do in primary school with our names. Oh - and I dig the blog swap idea! Wanna do one?

  2. Yes, yes I do. That would be amazing.

    I'm on the high seas for the weekend though, so it would have to be monday or so...