Friday, July 31, 2009

I got a job!!!

Okay, so today I got a job for the remainder of the summer.

I HAVE a job job, grown-up person job that I'll be starting in 2011 (as a lawyer...snore) but for the rest of the summer, until mid-September, I was going to be an unemployed bum.

Until this morning.

At approx 10am, my sneaky loud phone gave a little cry, and my answer of 'what???" was not very polite. It was an old friend Joe, with whom I have played traditional music for years and years, and he had news. He's been commissioned to compose the music for a new play that is opening in Letterkenny in September. I've been asked to arrange the percussion for the incidental music and then, when the play starts, to play it. It'll include a pub scene where I'l have to be on stage, will involve at least 9 different percussion instruments and...and this is the big thing...I'll get MONEY for it.

Albeit, a small shrapnelly piece of money that will only buy me alcohol.

Anyway, this is just a piece of news about my life, and boring as shit, but I'm really happy to have a chance to play again, and it'll be loads of fun. So watch this space..

*this space*

So, this is my last night in England for a few months and I'm a bit drunk. Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll chat to you all soon.



  1. This is so awesome!!!! Congrats!!!! :-)

  2. Thanks pet, I'm really looking forward to it.

  3. Awe too bad for not being an unemployed bum!! lol

  4. I know...but I've still got a while before it starts