Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Writer's Block

So, I've somehow walked headlong into the biggest case of writer's block I've had in months. It's fucking killing me. I'm trying to plough through a book that I'm writing, and now that I've got the time to do it, I can't think at all. It's not so bad for blogposts, which are short and easy to come up with, but's it murder when I'm trying to slowly tell a long story.

I've been living the soft life for a few weeks now; devoid (mostly) of drama, stress and even the vague hint that there may be any exams, breakups or any form of conflict. This means one of two things.

1) I've become a boring shite, and have no life, or
2) See option 1.

So, if any of you would be so kind, I should very much appreciate being set some homework. Basically, if any of you could suggest a topic/theme/plotline that I could write a very quick few hundred words about, I think it would fire up some of the comatose neurons and encourage me to write about what I actually (without currently knowing it) want to write about.

Either as a comment to this post, as a msg on 20sb or even as a tweet @conordarrall I will be your best friend.


ps - I accidentally sent out the 20sb email about this three or four times. Mea Culpa, my connection didn't let me know when the msg had been sent.


  1. Imagine this scenario: you are walking down the streets of Dublin, perhaps the Temple Bar area, and an old man walks up to you and starts yelling and screaming at you... 1) why would he be upset? 2) describe the scene and 3) how do you resolve this issue?

  2. u live in ireland and ur life is boring?! how so!? i live in new york ---life is equally boring.

    have u been here before? i need some background history on u in order to figure out what u should write.
    maybe u should write about that. ur life in short.
    or why ur blogs called pizza box --actually never mind i just saw why on the top of ur blog!

    OR u can participate tomorrwo in my interactive thursday and hopefully itll spark some creativity?!!!

    give me some info so i can help u out!!!

  3. when there in nothing happening about which to write, write about what you wish would happen. or something that happened once that still invoked some sort of feeling every time you think about it.

  4. I am pretty sure you and I are the same person at the moment... hm.

    Here is a homework assignment that I am making up as I go along:

    Step 1: take a notebook and go to a park and sit on the grass
    Step 2: pick a person on one side of the park
    Step 3: pick a person on the other side of the park
    Step 4: write the story about how they meet (yes in the park right now) and what happens to them. maybe they already have a meeting planned? maybe one is sleeping with the other's wife? maybe one accidentally hits the other with a frisbee? how do they react? do they ever see each other again? etc.

    beer is optional but encouraged.