Thursday, December 10, 2009


For the first time ever, I have some awards that I'd like to offer to those bloggers with whom I have developed a connection. This is a humane award, for people who embrace all aspects of what it is that makes us who we are.

In July of this year, my uber-cool NY gal-pal, the Novelista Barista gave me one of these (thanks!!) and now it's time for me to pass on a few myself...

This is for those thoughtful, intelligent people whose blogs make me smile, give me pause for thought, stir up interesting debate, or are just completely honest. I am glad to have met you all, and look forward to more from you in 2010.


Nikki, who apart from being a new friend (and one of the only redeeming features of this year) is also an excellent funny blogger. Her FML quosts and her irrational love of tea and writing make for excellent reading.

Jay, whose thoughts (ranging from poetry and love to the zombie apocalypse) are as scattered as my own, but infinitely more interesting.

Shinay, a writer whose beautiful poetry gives me pause for thought every day.

Melanie, who, for a person who describes herself as 'lost', is a lot more clued-up than most other people and makes me ponder life, and

Mr Apron, whose blog is snarky, opinionated, stubborn, intelligent, and infinitely more commendable than 99% of all the blogs out there. He raises issues of debate, and is one of those enlightened individuals for whom identicality of opinion is not a precursor for friendship, but who values reason.

I've only given 5 out because I think it's better to be selective. There'll be lots more to follow I'm sure.

Congratulations guys, you really make blogging a joy for me.



  1. Well that certainly made my entire week! Thank you Conor! I must say, I always enjoy reading your posts as well, they never cease to put a smile on my face - your humor and wit keep me satisfyingly interested! :-D

  2. Oh aren't you sweet!!! Thank thank u!! =)

    Congrats on the law degree!! I give you so much credit for that! =)

  3. Thank you so much!!! Right back atcha buddy!!!

    Peace & Love homie,

  4. congratulations on that whole law thing (from a few posts back), looks like quite the celebration :)

    Yay, awards :)

  5. An award?! Wow -- I am truly honoured, thank you :)

  6. I'm pretty humbled by this, which isn't nearly as easy a thing to do to me than steal my wallet.