Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's very cold here

Yes, very cold.

London had snow today, and I've never been more thankful for central heating, or for thermal socks.

I was going through my video file today, and found this little video I made during my Man Adventures in France over the summer. I watched it and remembered the weather being so hot, us being so drunk, and the days being so long, that it very briefly made me forget how ball-numbingly cold it is here.

The glazed look is due to all the beer and wine that we were drinking. Excuse the beer belly.

Also, my Connect-i-cut galpal Spanky has gone on hiatus from her blog in order to finish off reading Breaking Dawn, so why not go over and catch up on her blog so that you're nice and ready by the time she's finished. Luvs it.


  1. Omg, guess who luvs the shit out of Conor!? It's me!!!!

    Ps: I live in CT u nut!!! But I'm ok w being an honorary NYer... Even tho I'm all about the red sox!!!


  2. Amended, m'dear.

    I'm a sox fan toooooooooo!

  3. That is amazing. I'm jealous. I wanna go drunk-climbing up a hill.

  4. OMFG I-am-cracking-up!!! That was awesome.

  5. Find it funny that you grow a beard in the heat and shave all your body hair when the temps start to dip.....:-)Don't you just love the irony?

  6. Bon jour! Where were you in France? I was in Monaco and the south of France (Nice, Juan les Pins, Cannes, Bonnieux, Gourdes, and Avignon- whew!) on my honeymoon in June. You're right- it was f*ing hot, but a welcomed break from New York, where it rained for a month straight.

  7. I love your videos, this is amazing -- climbing french hills, drunk, in the middle of summer. Brilliant :D

  8. Amy - it's a lot of fun, but bring water ahaha
    Nik - thanks pet :)
    Laurie - i literally reaslised that the second i posted that, I'm like the reverse of an al pacqua
    Jay - cheers mate :)
    Bonjour Colleen. I was in the region round St Paul de Fenouillet, part of Languedoc-Rousillon I think, and quite near to Perpignan. Me and the guys go every summer for a Brokeback minibreak of hillwalking philosophising, women-chasing and boozing.

    Congrats of the wedding btw, yeah, the south is so nice, I love it.