Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why Irish Politicians are more fun than most other...

Okay, so as a nation, the Republic of Ireland is never going to be as internationally powerful as say, the US, or Britain, in any sense other than cultural or from an 'intellectual economy' point of view, thanks to the ridiculous amount of job stealing graduates....Thanks, modern Ireland!

Also, unlike the US and UK, which are (actually for the US, and in practice for the UK) two party nations; Ireland has a much wider variance in it's political spectrum, no doubt due to the proportionate representation method of election. While it is arguably more democratic, it inevitably leads to a mosaic of different parties, and thus, the political landscape becomes quite complex. The five main parties (Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, The Green Party, Labour and Sinn Féin) and a number of independents make up the members of the two houses of the Oireachtas; the Dáil and the Seanad. What's more, the government (the Taoiseach -Prime Minister- etc) has traditionally been a coalition, as the votes of one individual party will rarely be enough to make a majority.


As a result of these two facts, there are two consequences, which are both desireable and often problematic:

1) All the passion and vim that other nations have for international affairs gets compounded down to a national level. Issues like social welfare, healthcare and the Budget become political parodies of dystopic nuclear battlefields. The little things matter, and we'll let you know, dammit!

2) Because of the itty-bitty nature of representation, a largely differing political spectrum and the nature of the coalition government, things can get a little...bitchy. Everyone scrambling to say what they mean, and getting into petty squabbles in the wee hours.

So, when Deputy Paul Gogarty was debating a very small claus-ette to a very small article of a (very important, I'll admit) proposed Bill, he went into a bit of a strop when his sincerity was called into question, and...well....he may have overreacted...

Ooh er, well, okay. Calm down, man.

Apart from seeming like a seven year old who doesn't know how to return smack-talk to some neighbourhood youths, this is pretty funny stuff from the Deputy from Lucan.

Still, at least we're not as bad as the Bolivians....

Grrrrrrrrrrr, passion!


What really annoys me about this video is the response from...yes, you've guessed it, facebook cunts. These oxygen thiefs were quick to comment when the video of Gogarty was posted:

Niamh H
The funniest thing is that the only thing my ma could say was "yer man sounds exactly like Jedward with that Dub accent". Eh, what?! Jedward sound more like they're from Malibu than Dublin!
18 hours ago

Emily B
what a twat. you'd know he was a green.
17 hours ago

Aaron M.
He should have been booted through the front door.
13 hours ago

Amy D
sounds like something you'd hear in the pub- twat, i second that.
12 hours ago

Megan Mc L
6 hours ago

Jane McG
Whatta plonker! deV would be rolling around in his grave!
5 hours ago

Emma L
and we wonder why we're in the mess we're in...who the hell voted for this man!!
2 hours ago

These people are what is wrong with the country and with politics, not some Deputy who gets a little over excited and swears. These fucking bits of dead skin with nothing valid to add. Fuck me, I mean, I sorta respect the fact that he was passionate and reckless enough to take the risk and lose his temper. How many people are going to know about this man and listen to what he has to say from now on? Everyone.

Fucking Facebook parasites.

Anyway, my rant aside, this is why Irish Politicians are a little more fun than every other country (except Bolivia) If you excuse the manic glint in his eye, this guy is good...even if I don't agree with his politics


  1. I like your thinking -- people should be this passionate! Even if it means losing your temper every once in a while over something you care about...

  2. love it, i came over from novelista barrista and that made me laugh.

    i lived in cork for two years and i have a soft spot for irish politics.

    congrats on the LLB!

  3. guess who got a SHOUT OUT?!

    ps: just saw, out of the corner of my eye (or.. the Conor of my eye, HA) the topic "obscure porn" hahaha luvs u.

  4. ew! wait! now i just noticed that there's a tag listing for Jennifer, but none for SARA?! what the f?!

  5. Hey Spanky, you'll totes get a shout out now. And as much free audioporn as you like.

    Also, the Irish gang sounds AWESOME but Haggis is Scottish...never mind, we'll find something for you :)