Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I got a (slightly feminine) award!!


Hope you're all well. I've been given an award by my Irish-mob lovely Spanky! Apparently my blog is over the top, which is good? Anyway, I'm going to take it as a compliment and name a few blogs that I love.

Thanks a million Spankster! Her blog is excellent, and a little crazy, go check it out!

So, there are some tasks to complete before I can accept this lovely award! Huzzah!

part 1: answer questions:

1. Where is your cell phone? resting on my beergut (my Guinness baby, Arthur)

2. Your hair? Dark Brown

3. Your mother? insane/intelligent/Irish mother syndrome

4. Your father? brave/firefighter/handsome

5. Your favorite food? one guess....(the answer is pizza)

6. Your dream last night? didn't sleep but had a crazy doze-dream about a land where people lived on different levels connected by slides, who passed the time walking around all the time, stepping on coins. The coins went into the feet and would be picked out later, as the main source of income. The world was therefore heavily populated by wishing wells. Bit odd.

7. Your favorite drink? Coke or Red Wine or Whiskey (Jamesons)

8. Your dream/goal? A successful writing career

9. What room are you in? Grandma's living room

10. Your hobby? blogging, writing, smoking my pipe

11. Your fear? many, claustrophobia being one of the biggie

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? qualified lawyer with a published book or produced screenplay

13. Where were you last night? Grandma's living room

14. Something you aren't? narrow-minded

15. Muffins? aye...if only for the bluffin'

16. Wish list item? a car (a Mini Cooper S or an Alvis TE 21)

17. Where did you grow up? Derry, Ireland

18. Last thing you did? drank a cup of tea.

19. What are you wearing? multicoloured socks, jeans, brown canvas belt, blue and white boxers, navy long-sleeve t-shirt, white shirt, aura of awesomeness.

20. Your TV? don't own one

21. Your pets? had a wee terrier called Holly when growing up RIP, and now we all love my aunt's wolf mutt, Bran.

22. Your friends? I have many 'friends'. Some are fake and full of shit and say they're my friends, but they're the bits of dead skin who get designated Facebook Cunts eventually and who I feel nothing for. I'm very very lucky for having the sincere friends I do. They are my second family, and I love them dearly, and they don't judge me, which is the most important thing.

23. Your life? Dull and unfulfilling at the moment, but usually a crazy misadventure that I love

24. Your mood? Antsy, cooped-up and frustrated, but eternally hopeful

25. Missing someone? not really, i don't really do homesick or lonely, just once in a blue moon. I miss my big bro Ruairí and his girlfriend Hannah, but I know he's happy in Vietnam so I'm okay. I always miss my wee bro Shane, and my adorable little sister, but we chat all the time so it's okay

26. Vehicle? Nope

27. Something you're not wearing? Assless leather chaps

28. Your favorite store? Probably one of my obscure bookshops/coffee shops somewhere, I'm not sure.

29. Your favorite color? green or blue

30. When was the last time you laughed? all the time

31. Last time you cried? I tear up all the time, prob about half an hour ago reading Letters of Note, especially this one

32. Your best friend? Ruairí ÓMaolain, Sara Lynn, Sparky (the flatmate) and any of the Derry boys.

33. One place that I go over and over? The Black Lion pub in Kilburn

34. One person who emails me regularly? The Novelista Barista (one of 'The Irish Mob')

35. Favorite place to eat? In the bath.

part 2: pass the award on..

Okay, first of all, here is an award for.....

Laurie at 'Girls are Smarter then You'. It's true, they are

Jenn-Boll at You'll Grow to Love Me. That may or not be true, but she is a very funny madam, with her rampant drug abuse, her work for CIA, and her naked antics at Tufts. We're getting married at some point.

Kerstin B at 'Trouble. Thinks.' - a lovely artistic soul who makes me laugh, think and (sometimes) scares me a little. She's awesome.

Stephen K. This fella's a guy like me. A write-addict insomniac law-guy who lives in London (we actually live comparatively close together) he is a great guy. He's a lot more idealistic than I am, and is a refreshing cynicism-buster if ever there was one. If you read my blog, you should read his too, if only cos it's better :)

Ashley @ Germato. I love this blog, but I'm not exactly sure why. Anyone who describes themselves as 'Living like they were dying' is the sort of phosphorous individual whom I can call a friend.

and finally:

SARA! That's right, Lopez from 8th Continent Soy Milk. This internet-savvy social-media goddess will undoubtedly capture your heart with her boundless happiness, cool cooking vids, her Meow mix personal serenades (which I formally ask permission to publish) and her coooool job. She's moving to cali from ohio in 12 days, so go show some love and luck. She's a darling.

Enjoy your award, winners! x

in words of Spanky:
luvs it*


  1. yayyy!!!!! i lvoe that im on ur list :) :)

  2. If I were any happier my head might explode into cotton candy. I adore you!!!

  3. BTW you cheated! You were supposed to answer all of those questions with simply one word...
    Do over I say!!!

  4. Yeah, I'm a rebel, live with it x

  5. Seconded, Sara is pretty freaking cool. Thanks for the award, C, would totally have picked you but I'm guessing that was out of the question!

  6. I am so glad you are not wearing assless leather chaps - it would be horrific if we showed up to your blog wearing the same thing! Ye Gods the embarrassment.

  7. p.s. I love how we made the tags as well!

  8. Deirdre - you made me snort coffee out my nose, it was like flossing my brain with caffeine. I now love you :)

    Ste - You're welcome, and I will definitely try out Cubanas. I may have been there already as I have been spending more and more time on the South bank of late (it's awesome down there haha) - the tags are for my own organisation tbh haha

  9. What? Pizza is your favourite food? First of all, I am so honoured to be on your list. I feel so special. Even though I wonder why I scare you...sometimes...but that's ok, because I scare alot of people and I'm getting used to being an outcast. Besides that, I would like to say that I think being eternally hopeful is really great...I like that, and I think you've got something going there. And I agree that your blog is over the top. That's what makes it so interesting.

  10. omg, this is the funniest thing i've ever read. i'm soooo happy i sent you this award!!!
    um, your dream is actually the BEST thing i've ever EVER heard! i hope you dream of this world often & write about it. i'd like to visit it one day. i want to make many wishes..

    um, but, sweetie... these were supposed to all be answered with ONE WORD! you nut!!!

    let's work on a screenplay together while we sit in your favourite book shop in ireland. ok? sound good? we'll have bluffin muffins, pizza, red wine & a bit of tea!

    this is the funniest, i'm still LOLing (loudly, at work... reading answers to other people... they think i'm nuts. especially the guy that just started today... oops!)

    luvs u a bazillion & 1 (the 1 is bc you said 'luvs it' at the end of this post & gave me a killer shout out).

    off to visit your award winners!


  11. ps: saying that you're missing your lil, er.. "wee" sis, reminded me of the "how to enjoy a fancy" post that you wrote. that was my first intro to you & my god, was it perfection.

    "coerce a small family member to make you tea". priceless.

    (also, fyi, posting this comment taught me that the word is "coerce".. NOT cohorse.. which is a horse you share with someone... my office thinks i'm a dumbass now...)

    [double xox]

  12. Spanks - that little family member is not my wee sis unfortch, that's my wee cousin mollie, but she's a wee cutie too. My wee sis is about 16 and about 9 foot tall.

    Thanks for reading this out to your office, the dream was a bit mental, and it's been recurring recently. I'll see what else comes of it tonight.


  13. So sorry I'm late with the THANK YOU! You are lovely, Colin....

    By the way, I drive a Mini Cooper, although it is not an "S", but it is still plenty fast!

    No television??....I have seven and they bring me great joy. (Think of how much smarter I would be if the reality shows were not burning up my brain cells?)

    Much love! Muah!

  14. Haha, no problem pet, well deserved. You drive a mini cooper? One of the new ones or the old models? Either way it's cool!

    You have 7 tvs? Are you Elvis?

    Much love back, Muah!

    (ps - it's 'Conor', Colin's okay, it can be your pet name for me haha)

  15. I was always bad with names, lol....

    It's a 2008 model, blue and tons of fun....

    and no I'm not Elvis....just related in a weird-inbred sort of way. :-)