Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh no! (a rant of sorts)

Right, remember when I did my Alice in Wonderland tumble down the rabbit hole?

You do? Oh joy.

Well, apart from the group of beautiful women who saw me fall, a sax player (who was busking in the Station) was kind enough to stop mid-tune to laugh. He was playing one of the greatest tunes ever...

(yeah, so I might have cheapened my ire by using a video with a walrus, but the tune is still amazing, right?)


When dickheads are given 'Club Anthems for Idiots'

Literally everything about this video is wrong:
1) Good song destroyed
2) Using the same 8 notes on loop as a dance music hook and a fucking awful drum/bass rhythm
3) Smug cunt in an hotel smiling at his own ability to tie his fucking shoelaces without soiling himself.
4) Dancing sluts
5) Obligatory lesbian kissing
6) Autotune (non-ironic)
7) 'Crazy' party-scene and 'Whacky' hotel antics.

The original song is about the rat race in pre-Thatcherite London, written during a time where there was a huge gap developing between the lower and middle-classes. It chronicles several characters attempts to reach their desired lives, including the narrator, a busker at Baker Street Tube Station, and not be swallowed by the city. It's an indictment on the sort of selfish soulessness that led to the excesses of the 80's and the dark side of life in London. It's an excellent song from an excellent song-writer. It is not suitable for some smug plate of dead skin and his necrophilic euro-skanks!

Fuck sake, sorry Gerry Rafferty...

Rant over.


  1. It is just - Cruel and unusual punishment for a great song. Your rant is justified.

  2. Your rant is not only justified but it doesn't nearly go far enough in describing what a crime against all that is good and bloody great in music.

    Are you "gonna give up the booze and the one night stands"?

    That's one of my favourite lines in any song ever.

  3. You know Jay, I should give up the booze and one night stands. I just did that 'Fine' thing on facebook and it came to £825.60 meaning I'm a ho-bag.

    Yeah that monstrosity makes me simmer with rage