Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Acronym

Okay, so I'm really starting to like creating acronyms. This is an addition to the LOL/LMFAO/ROFL/ROFLMFAO/ROFLwafflemcLOLcopter tradition.

Caused by this:

That's right, an Irish culchie rapper. Cooool

Ladies and gentlemen, this video almost made me SMUL.


Shit My Undies Laughing.

Disgusting? Yes. Warranted? Definitely.

ps- I love the comments, especially the 'China's Worst Rapper' one.


  1. The little stream of spit he had wiggling was totally gangsta.

    We better keep our comments nice, or he's liable to pop a cap in our asses.

  2. Or rap about us, then make an apology rap, where he's SMUF'ing ( Fear) to the camera.

  3. Ahaha I felt so uncomfortable FOR him. Other things totally gangsta about him:
    - "You'd fuck me over the fence, I know you would"
    - "I ain't shit"
    - Actually putting 'ye' into a rap
    - Filming in a random field next to the dual carriageway
    - Looking like one of these:

    Excellent find bro!